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The pandemic has affected student's and staff's mental, physical, social, and emotional health because of its disruption to our daily lives.  The health.moves.minds. Program has lessons that can help students manage anger, anxiety, fear, and loneliness that students may feel as a result of the pandemic, traumatic experiences, and daily stressors. These lessons can help students take ownership of their wellness with coping strategies that can be utilized for a lifetime through engaging physical activities.

Health.moves.minds. provides free “school-wide curricular strategies” for in-school, hybrid or distance learning environments addressing social and emotional learning (SEL) and creating a trauma-sensitive learning environment.

This service-learning program was created by SHAPE America in 2019 to help teach social-emotional skills to students while also enabling schools to raise funds for their health programs, physical education programs, and other initiatives.

SHAPEWV is offering a one year free SHAPEWV membership to those participating in the health.moves.minds. fundraising program. 

SHAPEWV is proud to partner with SHAPE America to offer this opportunity to all West Virginia Schools each school year.  Email our Resource Director, Cozetta Miller, [email protected] for questions.

  1. To access lessons, visit: health.moves.minds and click on Create a Team
  2. Go through the next steps even if you are unsure if the pandemic will allow you to host an event.  
  3. Once registered, or if already registered view the picture below to access the lessons:
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