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What is the Benjamin Challenge?

Challenge to past president's:

Greetings Past-Presidents of WVAHPERD, now SHAPEWV! I hope you are as excited about our Centennial Celebration in 2021 as I am. We are planning a special reception for the 100th year, working to improve our efforts in advocacy, professional development and collaboration and need to raise some revenue, since this year’s conference was moved to a virtual format. Don’t forget to save the date: October 13-15, 2022, as we would love to see you there! I, Charlene Galluzzo, 2021 President of SHAPEWV, am donating $100 (a Benjamin) for the cause and challenge all Past-Presidents to match me! You could donate individually, or get together with a group of past presidents to full fill the challenge!  Who’s in??? 

The 100th year (2021) will be celebrated in-person at our Fall 2022 Conference since COVID moved our conference virtually for the last two years.

Challenge to members and supporters:

Will you accept the Benjamin Challenge of donating an amount to support advocacy, professional development, and collaboration of WV's Health & Physical Educators? Our nonprofit organization will accept donations from:

  • A SHAPEWV Board Member or group of SHAPEWV current or past board members
  • An individual or group of individuals who dedicated to supporting advocacy, professional development, and collaboration of WV's Health & Physical Educators

Choose your amount by clicking on the Accept the Challenge & Donate Here button above.  Donations from $10 - $100 are accepted.